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TRIVON is a member of the internationally recognized VIRGIN family of Sir Richard Branson. Our holding company TRIVON AG was founded in 2004 by a team of senior international telecom experts with the vision to create a leading branded broadband operator in Russia and other CIS markets. Our particular focus is on underserved regions with strong growth potential. These are ideal for the VIRGIN brand delivering a superior customer experience.

Since inception TRIVON exponentially grew its business both through organic growth and multiple acquisitions in high growth regions. Based on TRIVON’s ability to differentiate with «THE VIRGIN WAY» TRIVON started serving its customers under the newly created VIRGIN CONNECT brand, which is now trusted by subscribers in the Russian Federation.As a technology agnostic operator we connect our customers through the best available solution (fiber, copper, cable and/or wireless)

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Trivon operates Virgin Connect in CIS/Russia
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